Linen napkin beige stripes

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Certificate: Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®
Material: 100% pure linen
Density: 150 g/m²
Size: 42x42 cm
Washing: 60°C

Our napkins are available in many colors and styles; they will help you to create the right atmosphere on your dining table.
The napkins are made in our artisan workshop, located in the medieval center of Škofja Loka, following its century-long tradition of respect and love for nature and the environment.
We produce only from high quality, easy to maintain and strong materials.

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Linen napkin, aubergineFork-and-knife-on-aubergine-linen-napkin
Linen napkin, aubergine
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin, sunny yellowFork-and-knife-on-sunny-yellow-linen-napkin
Linen napkin, sunny yellow
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin, olive greenFork-and-knife-on-olive-green-linen-napkin
Linen napkin, olive green
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin, blackFork-and-knife-on-black-linen-napkin
Linen napkin, black
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin, petrolFork-and-knife-on-petrol-blue-linen-napkin
Linen napkin, petrol
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin, carmine redFork-and-knife-on-carmine-red-linen-napkin
Linen napkin, carmine red
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin beige stripesLinen napkin beige stripes
Linen napkin beige stripes
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin olive greenLinen napkin olive green
Linen napkin olive green
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin blackLinen napkin black
Linen napkin black
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin whiteLinen napkin white
Linen napkin white
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin pinkLinen napkin pink
Linen napkin pink
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin natural grayLinen napkin natural gray
Linen napkin natural gray
Sale price€5,50
Linen napkin melange grayLinen napkin melange gray
Linen napkin melange gray
Sale price€5,50